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Studying in the Summer

Am I the only one who struggles to find the motivation to study in the summer? I am constantly planning time to study every day and it seems as if I study on days that I didn’t think I wouldn’t have anytime and not studying on days that I though I had plenty of time. I want to be studying everyday but there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day. I work full time, attend church,¬†volunteer and play sports every week. Let alone spending time with my family and friends. It’s hard to study when I feel tired or just want a break. I am a people person and seem addicted to staying busy and be moving at all times. My mind is always spinning with one plan or another. I have the next hour, day, week, month and year all planned out. I miss the time when I spent all summer playing with my neighbors and doing the little chores my mom left for me. I will conquer this LSAT exam! It is worth sacrificing some fun activities and resting. ¬†#collegegirlprobs



It’s time to watch FIFA all day ‘er day! Sports have a way of uniting communities, cultures and the world as a whole. Everyone is talking about the matches between countries. Even though the Canadian team is not in the world cup, I’m still a huge fan and want to watch the games whenever I can. VIVA LA FIFA!


Whenever I think about my academic future, I get exhausted and slightly overwhelmed. I try to calculate the amount of time it will take me to apply for each program, while still remaining active in my current responsibilities. Tonight I started to overthink it all and got a slight headache. Stress headaches are the worst because you know that you brought it upon yourself. My motto for today is going to be JUST DO IT. I’m choosing to write out my to do list and work on each thing on there until it is officially complete. That being said, it s time to stop thinking about that task and JUST DO IT.¬†

They Were Right

They Were Right

The recent upheaval over the kidnapping of almost 300 Nigerian school girls has caused me to consider the reason behind the whole disaster. I have come to the conclusion that the terrorists were right. They targeted all of these young girls because they saw two things that made them dangerous. First, they are Christians. Second, they are being educated. Educated Christian women are the most impactful, unstoppable force out there. The most successful countries in the world are those that call on the name of Jesus and those in which both men and women are treated as equals. Women were not born to simply have children and die. Women are strong individuals that link arms to become a force so powerful that no enemy is abel to stop them. What the terrorists don’t know is that they don’t have the upper hand. These girls, their families, and now many nations are calling on the name of Jesus to rescue them from their captors. This is a wake up call for Nigeria to step out of its corruption and proof of the power of educated Christian women. I may not be Nigerian or know any of the captured girls personally, but I am an educated Christian women that believes in the power of the great Deliverer and believes that justice will come.